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Panettone according to the Italian tradition

The name “panettone” was first recorded in writing in 1606 and appeared in the first Italian-Milanese dictionary: “panaton”, i.e. a large cake that is baked on Christmas Day. Francesco Cherubini gives us a more detailed description in his famous Vocabolario milanese-italiano (Milan-Italian dictionary), written in four volumes between 1839 and 1856: Panattón or Panatton de […]

Stories and legends about the panettone

One of the most popular traditions in Italy is the panettone, but what is its story? Who invented this cake? Its story is lost in the fog of time, as befits such a famous dessert. Legend has it that “Panettone” comes from “Pan de Toni” (“Toni’s bread”). Toni was a simple kitchen boy in Ludovico […]

Christmas atmosphere and tradition

Snow, decorated trees, illuminated cities, Santa Clauses smiling at one of the balconies of the houses, shop windows full of gifts, Christmas carols in the background … Christmas. Already at the beginning of December you can feel this bright and magical atmosphere, which inevitably makes you think of Christmas. But the most incredible thing about […]

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