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Our traceability technology

Saporare Italian Food Boutique offers only Italian products guaranteed for quality and characteristics of excellence, selected and traced in a safe way. Precisely for this purpose we have created S | Trace ®, a webapp available to the various players in the supply chain.

S | Trace uses the blockchain to notarize events by making a timestamp of each step of the supply chain ensuring maximum transparency, from the production of raw materials to the arrival of the product to the consumer. An “immutable trace” and always verifiable of the history of the product that was created to be shared with the consumer and with the producers in a synergistic system of trust, transparency, knowledge and safety.

For the consumer it means having the guarantee of what he buys, for the producer it means being able to “tell” and protect his work. Using a speaking QR Code, inserted on the label, it will be possible to view the salient points of the production process with the attestation of documents and the storytelling of the product processing phases.

The products tracked in blockchain with S | Trace ® present on our e-commerce have an indicative symbol.

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