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Saporare for a Fair Trade

On supermarket shelves we can find products from all over the world: Ethiopian coffee, Spanish vegetables, Indian cotton T-shirts, local butter, …

It is easy to get lost and forget that everything we put in our shopping cart has a big impact on the state of our planet: many of the social and global challenges we face are, in fact, related to our behavior as consumers.

That is why all over the world May 11 is Fair Trade Day, and we at Saporare also want to remember this very important date: producing and consuming sustainably and fairly is one of our priorities. Fortunately, it is not only for us.

Responsible Consumption

According to a report on responsible consumption in Italy, released last November by the International Observatory for Social Cohesion and Inclusion, a substantial number of citizens have chosen to consume responsibly.

The percentage of people who say they have made responsible choices rises from 11.3 % to 30.3 %. Those who have purchased (even sporadically) fair trade goods have increased from 16.3% to 37.3%. Data that can certainly comfort us.

Is it better to choose fair or regional?

The answer to this question is very simple: both.

The fair conditions under which production takes place, regional provenance, and seasonality of the items and food goods we purchase are certainly decisive factors.

Regional provenance strengthens local economic structures and reduces environmental impact, since the goods do not have to be imported, while seasonality increases environmentally friendly production methods. This is why it is good to make our purchases at the local market or neighborhood store.

However, our needs cannot be totally covered by regional or national products. Think coffee, chocolate, rice, bananas, but also electronic devices or certain textiles that our country does not produce and therefore we have to import.

To make sure that the items we buy have been produced under fair conditions, there are standards, minimum prices, that prohibit child labor, discrimination, and promote workers’ rights and health protection. They also promote sustainable production systems, environmentally friendly farming methods and judicious use of resources.

This is why fair trade, regional and seasonal products are worth buying.

We at Saporare check that our products meet these standards so that we can offer you products that are guaranteed and created fairly, trying as much as possible to act locally, for a sustainable world.

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