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Romagna cuisine


Romagna mia lontan da te non si può star!

As the musician and composer Raoul Casadei sang in the famous song Romagna mia, it is difficult to stay away from swimming in the sea, from walks along the long coasts, from dance halls and from extraordinary Byzantine basilicas.

But it is even more difficult to stay away from the famous typical Romagna dishes. Who has never eaten piadina, perhaps with squacquerone? And what about the passatelli?

Romagna is the territory that includes the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini, and a part of the province of Bologna (Imola). Here the flavors meet the richness of the Adriatic Sea, creating an authentic and genuine cuisine that reflects the open and convivial character of its inhabitants.

The piadina

The symbol dish is undoubtedly the piadina: thinner towards Rimini, thicker towards Cesena. The piadina can be made with the addition of lard or oil and can be used as an accompaniment or as a main dish.

Many combinations: with meat, cheese or vegetarian, prepared at home or in the cloisters on the street, every occasion is good to be tempted by this queen of the kitchen.

Dinners with friends or Sunday lunches cannot begin without a platter of Mora romagnola cold cuts. It is a pig with a dark coat and an elongated snout that is bred in Romagna. If ham or salami have not convinced you, you will not be able to resist the fragrant lard, tanned with Cervia salt and aromatic herbs.

The secrets of the Romagna tradition

As in Emilia, even here in Romagna every family is the guardian of its secret for the correct creation of cappelletti. Some put only cheese in the filling, others add meat. But it is the pastry that everyone agrees: thin and made with eggs and flour.

Other first courses made famous all over the world are strozzapretipolenta with clams and passatelli in broth.

In the second courses the meat, as in Emilia, always plays a leading role: the rabbit in porchetta and the rooster alla cacciatora are very good.

Thinking of Romagna and its second courses, it is inevitable to also talk about seafood specialties: the Rustida di Pesce, a grilled in which the fish is breaded to protect its cooking, and the Brodetto with clamssnailsmolluscscuttlefishscampicrabs and mantis shrimp. And then mulletscorpion fishmazzolamonkfish.

Desserts and wines from Romagna

How to end a nice Romagna meal in style? But with the trifle of course! Don’t be fooled, despite the name this dessert is 100% Romagna. Here
the ladyfingers are replaced by slices of Ciambella, another typical dessert.

Do not forget to sip, in the meantime, a nice glass of Sangiovese di Romagna, dry and pleasantly bitter, or of Sauvignon or a Trebbiano di Romagna, a good savory white, or an excellent Cagnina, full-bodied and sweet.

To bring some of the scent of Romagna into your kitchen, you can only read our next article in which we will reveal the secrets for preparing a typical Romagna recipe.

It will be a first course whose base is breadcrumbs… Did you understand what we are going to talk about?

In the meantime, here are some products from Romagna that Saporare has selected for you!

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