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Gift ideas for those who love the Christmas tradition 

We all know at least one person with a great passion for the classic Christmas atmosphere. That person who already from the early cold weather uses funny Christmas sweaters and initiates the perfect setup for the house: a wreath on the door, a majestic Christmas tree decorated with colorful balls and warm lights, scented candles, Christmas-themed plates and tablecloths, and in the background the classic soundtrack of Christmas songs. 

Here are a few ideas that might make a lover of Christmas traction happy: 

1. Classic Panettone

There is nothing more traditional than panettone. Even today, our pastry chefs adhere to an ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation, the result of years of experience, passion and dedication.  

2. Warm Winter

What could be more Christmassy than spending an evening watching Christmas movies, sipping herbal tea while it’s cold outside? The warm winter box will give you the opportunity to choose from three different herbal teas to warm up your Christmas evening. 

3. Create Your Own Box!

Want to make a personalized gift? With Saporare it’s easy! Just select the products you like (for example: the round basket, Classic Panettone, Saba and Lime Honey) and indicate in the notes during the order that the order is a gift! Find out more here

Want more ideas? Visit our shop, you can find the perfect gift for lovers of Christmas tradition! 

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